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The move to massive online classes

The move to massive online classes

JRF | Feb 16 2013 |  · · · 

Interested in taking a free course from a nationally-recognized professor? You can through the increasingly popular massive open online courses, or MOOCs for short. MOOCs are online courses that allow a large number of participants to take a course for free. Distance education has grown in popularity over the last few years and from that, MOOCs were born.

However, MOOCs are not quite the same as an online class you’d pay for through a college. MOOCs often do not offer credit; instead the institution might mail you a certificate for completing the course. It can also entitle you to bragging rights. Who wouldn’t want to say they’ve taken a class from an Ivy League school? Although the courses are free, and can be done anywhere with internet, many struggle to complete them.

Right now, I’m pursuing my undergraduate degrees at the University of Georgia. For most of my life I’ve been in school and I enjoy the structure of classes and assignments. However, I won’t take a MOOC until I graduate and finish my current course work. I plan to enter the work force full-time when I leave UGA, but if free MOOCs are still available, I will likely end up taking one to get a certificate.

With MOOCs, there’s really nothing to lose. For no cost, you can take classes from widely acclaimed professors and learn valuable information. The classes are also a nice addition to your resume!

What do you think? Would you take a MOOC for free? Or would the lack of structure and credit keep you from pursuing it? Share your comments below. For more information click here


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By Amy Shelton on 02/22/2013

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