Changing Lives

Education can mean the difference between minimum wage and a living salary, between a life of poverty and promising future.

This year, women are receiving hope, strength and financial assistance in the form of Jeannette Rankin scholarships. From all over the country, these women submitted applications for financial aid, because they are working to conquer from poverty. In addition to scholarships, Jeannette Rankin Fund encourages and strengthens scholars through cards, phone calls, emails and a support network of other recipients and alumnae.

For 40 years we have been empowering women through education with more than 800 women have been awarded Jeannette Rankin Fund scholarships, but the impact is far greater than their lives. Jeannette Rankin scholars have families and friends and communities that benefit from their education. As women become financially secure, their families can eat healthier, spend more time together, and most importantly, their families see how education can benefit them, too. Beyond families, the community is affected. Jeannette Rankin scholars all have a passion for giving to others, and know how their education will help them do just that. Trained accountants are helping low-income members of the community file taxes, nurses donate time at local clinics, artists help others through art therapy and teachers inspire generations to pursue their dreams of higher learning.

Jeannette Rankin Fund supporters are breaking the cycle of poverty and instituting a new cycle, one that encourages growth, self-sufficiency and volunteerism.

No one can express the power of education and Jeannette Rankin scholarships better than the women who receive them.