Scholar Stories

Karen, TX


"The 2016 Jeannette Rankin Scholarship released a powerful unstoppable belief in me that a low-income woman over 35 with eight children can achieve what many see as the impossible. The Jeannette Rankin Scholarship gave me monetary support with no burden. This made my decision to register for spring semester 2017 classes possible."

Meet Karen. Karen is pursuing her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing with plans to obtain a full-time position as a BSN-RN. Karen is working very hard to raise her eight children, work, and attend school full time.

“My main goal is getting out of poverty and not passing that on to my children. The example to my children will stop poverty for generations. Surrounding myself with positive people who are moving forward in their lives keeps me focused on my goal.
When I started I had five children in daycare. I completed the Licensed Vocational Nursing Program in one year as planned. I received my first job as a Licensed Vocational Nurse working with medically fragile children in September 2012. My eldest child, Jocelyne, has decided to become a nurse and suggested that we get our BSN-RN degrees together. Jocelyne and I will be the first mother-daughter DBU transfer students to the Baylor Louise Herrington School of Nursing.
The BSN-RN credentials will greatly benefit my community, my family, and myself. The example to my children that education has opened up opportunities in my life is priceless. My children have observed me in school and receiving my first job. A major responsibility as a parent is to not pass on a lifestyle of poverty to my children.”