Scholar Stories

Rhonda, GA

Business Administration

"I have put myself on hold to raise a family, and to ensure I was fully dedicated to my current employer. Due to financial reasons it seemed very difficult to do all these things and still be able to finally obtain my bachelor's degree. The financial burden is still there, but I refuse to let anything else deter me from finishing what I started so many years ago. The possibilities for me are limitless." 

Rhonda is pursuing her Bachelor's in Business Administration, with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. Rhonda once felt that her life was hopeless and an endless cycle of struggling. However, Rhonda has renewed her sense of self-confidence and is determined to finish her degree in order to move up and be able to make a real difference in the lives of patients. Meanwhile, she is raising four boys as a single mother, which is no easy feat. Focusing on her education has been difficult, but Rhonda knows that she has the strength to continue through and finally meet the goals she put on hold almost thirty years ago.