Scholar Stories

Tammie, TX

Social Work

“By pursuing a college education, I am reframing what was once a constricting, traumatic experience, and I am shaping it into an expansive opportunity for growth and liberation that I want to share with other women.”

Tammie is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s of Social Work, with plans to continue on to get her Master’s of Social Work. After making the challenging choice to leave an abusive relationship after 30 years, Tammie knew it was time to start over and build her own life. She wants to give back to other women who have been trapped in abusive, exploitative, oppressive, and dangerous relationships and circumstances. She has volunteered at the same local women’s shelters that provided help to her when she was in need, and she volunteers with an organization that helps women escape the commercial sex industry. She has been challenged throughout life by many manmade disasters, but she persists through them all with the goal to help other women come out of darkness into better lives.